Who are we?

Dot50.com is an online marketplace offering quality and unique domain names for entrepreneurs and web professionals to kickstart their domain reselling business.

The goal

The goal of dot50 is to create a virtual environment where freelancers and entrepreneurs can find high-quality business names at an affordable price.

Knowing what you want

It can be hard to find premium business names for a website or blog, or for investment. You will find there are lots of strategies, many online marketplaces and literally millions of domain names available for purchase from agencies and domain aftermarkets, and it can be daunting having to pick one, or knowing what you want and then be disappointed when you find out the price is prohibitive.

Dot50 is affordable

This is why at dot50 we boast a comprehensive collection of domain names with high quality keywords from a really low startup price. Resellers can resell our domain names for a profit before returning to find another great deal.

Things are easy

Whether you are launching a new product or service or setting up a brand new business, being able to choose the right business name and getting a premium domain from dot50 can certainly make things easier for you. Reduce your lookup times and save money by using dot50 to find the perfect domain name for your needs.

Start with us

If you want a short, valuable and brandable domain name, then take a look at our full collection and enjoy the benefit of a FREE professional logo design as part of your package. You can browse by category or, if you need inspiration, have a look at our business name ideas which are frequently updated.