Selling commission

Your selling commission will be defined in a Private: Vendor Agreement and set manually after registration.

The commission amount fully covers our sum, the payment processing fees, currency conversions, fraudulent transaction verification’s and all the work behind making sure your name is seen by potential buyers and investors.

Sold domain names and Logos

If your domain name is sold, you must complete the transaction with the buyer. Sellers who refuse to complete a transaction will have their partnership privilege cancelled with us.

Any logo used for the listings that you’ve created or we’ve created must be included with the purchase and we will automatically provide the vector files to the buyer and never re-sell them.

Make Offers

We do accept to negotiate with potential buyers to offer less than our asking price. We are selling domains at affordable price and each has its individual set price based on its quality and we would never sell under the set price without informing you for agreeing on the offer.

No Exclusivity

Completing a sale outside of the Dot50 marketplace is not prohibited. However you are not allowed to use and resell any of our pre-designed logos with your domain listing if we have created any.

You must also stick with one price while listing your names for sale on other marketplace (it must be equal or higher than our list price).

Our No1 rule we have in place is that your domain is available to be delivered to our clients, otherwise we would rule against future listings and not be able to work with you together. (This is our number one rule and we follow it strictly)

Your Payments

We can pay you using paypal or bank transfer. Please note for payments on sold names there is a 4-5 day waiting period for the payment to process after the name is transferred to the buyer.

Once we sell a domain, we verify the order(s), keep the funds in escrow and then we will provide all the steps you need to take for transferring the domain(s) to us.

When we have the payment as well as the domain in our control, then we will proceed to transfer the domain to the client (buyer) and once that s done, you will have your payment released.

How is your domain name ownership verified?

After we agree on your domain(s) reselling strategy and pricing we start listing your names, we ask you to forward /redirect your domain to the sales page of your domain on dot50 in order to verify you are the owner of the domain.
Domain forwarding process differs with each registrar but, we will be with you all through the domain redirecting process.


If a domain is found to potentially conflict with an existing trademark, that domain name may be removed from our marketplace until legal clarification has been made. Dot50 reserves the right to remove domains from our database which may infringe or violate the proprietary rights of any third party.

Violation of our rules

We work hard to provide a user-friendly domain marketplace and generating traffic for every domain listed. Follow these simple rules for a smooth and secure transaction:

It is important that you always complete your transaction once your domain is sold. We can cancel the account of any seller who fails to complete an approved transaction.

At dot50, we rule against the publicity of our sales information on other marketplace or websites. Logo design (created by us), description or price of any domain listed or sold on dot50 should not be published on any website, business or personal except with our approval and consent.

When placing a domain on dot50 for sale, all sellers must consent to update any information relating to their domain.

Expired domains must be reported to be removed from the sales page.

Updates to these terms

We may update these terms in future, particularly as technology changes and new features are added. You can always check this page for the latest version. We will also sellers of changes to our terms by email.